Back home from big train journey

9-10-2019: I’m back home from the trip by train from Vietnam to my home in The Netherlands. Only ones I wanted to travel by train, not by airplane. It took me more than two weeks to come home. I travelled from Nha Trang to (airplane) Guangzhou2019-9-30 (130) (train), Harbin, Irkutsk, Ekatharinburg, Moscow, Berlin to Tilburg. The train journey was more than 12.000 km. I was a very exciting trip; I saw a lot and made many contacts. It is really a pity that flying home by airplane is much more cheap. This is much more fun!

Now we’re home also from our visit to the pupils in Nha Trang- Dien Khanh. It was great! All the personal supporters will get the photo’s from “their” pupil, but it will take some weeks to select them from 1713 pics.

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